Spring Happenings

Not sure about your corner of the world but lately mine is not looking much like spring!  Snow and freezing temperatures have kept us indoors for too long.  But then sewing happens…

Wanted to share some new zip pouches hot off the old sewing machine.  I designed these as the start of an Elemental Pouch series, corresponding to the four elements.


earth fawn pouch

These are Water/Mermaid:

mermaid pouch

I will be working on Air and Fire in the weeks to come.  You can store whatever you like in each pouch, either organized by elemental association or not.

I also am really excited to say that I will be appearing at the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival this summer.  I grew up attending this fest every year with my mother and cannot wait to go this year in a much different way.  She is smiling somewhere!

Ah, thinking of warm weather, sunshine, iced tea and craft fairs…it’s almost here.



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