Taming the Chaos

Although I don’t observe Lent, I jumped onto the bandwagon of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge.  If you want more information you can find it over at White House Black Shutters.  No you don’t have to get rid of an entire bag every day.  But you would be surprised how easy it is to make that happen!

I am going to show you my progress so far.

Day One was boring. It was completing my accounting for BBGS for 2014 so we could then file our taxes.  It took a lot but I got it done and it felt great.  Sorry I have no photos of this exciting momentous event to share.

Day Two was pretty transformative. I tackled Mount Mayhem.  The avalanche, spillway or living moving blob of fabric slowly covering us and our dining room.  The Estate is small and I work out of my dining room.  It is not easy, or pretty.  I had pretty much gone into a spastic sew everything state before the holidays and destroyed any order to this pillowing pile.  As per usual I took a hibernation hiatus afterwards and well, this was what it looked like:

40 days day 1 no 3

I am so sorry I made you see this!  But wait, after a day of sorting, cleaning, purging and folding, I give you (insert drumroll):

40 days day 1

TA-DAH!  Behold the newly tamed upcycled fabric selection.  We can once again eat without fear of a life-ending collapse.  Yield: one bag refuse, one bag of fabric to donate and two smaller bags of scrap fabric to donate.

Day Three was tackling ye olde sewing table/business desk area. It was pretty hoarders-worthy too.  Here is the before shot:

40 days day 2 before

Ick.  No sewing or business happening there!  So I got to work and ended up with this:

40 days day 2 after40 days day 2 after 2

A place I might be interested in working in. Especially if I move the secret chocolate stash into there.

Anyone else out there participating?  I wanted to declutter the work spaces first to get my sewing mojo going again after this long rest.  Spring is not far off despite this snow and I know I will find myself at some outdoor shows soon and hope to have lots of fun new offerings.  I feel less stressed already and hope to keep working all over the Estate in the coming weeks.


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