Cell Phone Pouch

The start: my hand-drafted, original patterns.
Fabrics chosen, cut then pressed.
Stopping point: had to pick up the Wee One from school. Working on antler details on left.
Voila! Finished cell phone pouch.
Brand it, always.
Sometimes, I almost like the back of applique more than the front…almost…
Fits like a glove…
Detail of applique and free-form machine stitch details.

Myself Monday Wednesday results:  cell phone pouch.  Upcycled fabrics, including my favorite, corduroy.  Lined with a vintage green and white print. If it doesn’t yet look like spring outside my window, at least I can manifest it into existence this way.

After it was complete I showed it to Wee One.  I asked him what was on the front?  He answered, “Flowers and a vase.”  Oh well, flowers in a vase evokes springtide too.  If I were Robin Hood, I think I would like this to carry my arrows about in.  Probably a bit bigger though.

How are you invoking, begging for, dreaming of spring?


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