A Yellow Dress, Finished

I have caught the plague again.  It has been in my body for exactly 11 days now.  It is awful and don’t wish it on anyone.  I missed two Myself Mondays due to this but last night, toughed it out and finished the Yellow Dress.

20140305_0930562014-03-05 12.58.1220140305_09325220140305_09320920140305_093331

Overall, I am elated I was able to draft my own pattern and sew a dress and have it fit.  I think I will wear it outside of the house, which is the other test a fresh-off-the-sewing machine frock must pass.  I learned a bit too in the process.  Really, learning is what this is all  about for me, stretching my mind and skills a bit further than they’ve previously gone.  In that end, I am happy.

Plus, it has pockets.

The dress fits, is comfy and has pockets.  However, it is not entirely flattering, especially around the derriere.  So if you see a gal wearing a yellow dress backing out of a room, it just might be me.

Can’t wait for next Myself Monday…


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