This week I did something just for me.  On Monday, I started a new project.  Not for my business.  Not for my kids.  Not for a friend.

Selfish, I admit, it is. There are, however, benefits to this kind of focus.  I was excited to sew something, anything I desired.  New skills were acquired (bust darts) and shaky techniques (bias tape binding, serging with my new serger) got extra practice in a no pressure/time crunch free setting.

Summer Blouse
Summer Blouse

I present the Summer Blouse, from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  Overall I am happy with it and will probably even wear it outside the estate.  Following a pattern is not my strong suit;  most of what I make for Brown Bird Green String are my original ideas and patterns and process.  Having to follow another person’s idea of what something should be, another’s plan, is a stretch at times, a well as an ease or comfort at others.  This pattern was very easy to follow.  Having sewn the Trapeze Dress from this book, I was confident in making a size medium.

Perhaps it will look more relaxed after I wash it and don’t press it, as ironing clothing is not something I do, aside from when sewing garments.  The neck is also a bit high in the front when buttoned up.  On a side note, the last three garments I have sewn from patterns are all green.  Who knows, maybe I will get all crazy and sew something red or purple next week? Since yes, Mondays are now my day.  Myself Mondays.  Join me, won’t you?


2 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. LOVE “Myself Mondays”!!! (…and also the blouse). Most often what we consider being selfish is really just our way of nourishing our own soul. “Myself”-away, friend!

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