Learning Curve

Welcome the newest member of Brown Bird Green String!

20140120_205155 20140120_205142

She is a no-nonsense kind of gal.  She cuts it close.  She wraps it up.  She does not go backwards, keeps her foot moving forward.  She prefers black and white to wear, looks classy and elegant, even timeless.  Meet Betty.

A Huskylock 430 serger, lots of metal parts, lots of threading starts!  It may take me a bit to get the tension just right, but so far, she is a go!  Bid on her through Ebay and she arrived neatly and thoroughly packed and thank the goddess, worked.  I am hopeful she will be used for many a year and will help my productivity and up the professionalism of my work.  Don’t worry, not TOO much.  It will still have that handmade quality, the mistake to let the spirit in, the imperfect perfection.  Otherwise, you could just buy it at the big giant store.  And no one wants that.

Any tips on operation are gladly accepted and appreciated.  Fingers crossed!


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