New Year, New Cycle

Happy New Year all! It has been a while since I have written here. Busy holiday-ing and hibernating, mostly.

Finally wintersowed some seeds, starting the cycle anew. I love getting my hands dirty while the ground is frozen and snow-covered, not to mention the surprise of peeking into a container and seeing green shoots once the world turns closer to the sun again. Started with 20 containers but plan to add some each week or so.

I will list what I have started and keep adding to it, helps with my Estate Garden record keeping. Anyone else wintersowing? What is your favorite thing to wintersow? If anyone wants seeds, leave a comment and if I have some left I will gladly share.

20140124_112022 20140124_112026 20140124_112029 20140124_112034

These photos show the containers right outside the door.  It is really cold so I have yet to bundle myself up and move them to the garden.  You can see Maddie who turned 18 yesterday in the pics.  She has been an indoor cat all her life and despite the cold, she took a little slow patio stroll right past me as I held the door open to take some photos.  How she could stand the frigid snow on her tiny bare paws, I don’t know. She still surprises me somehow.  She might have stayed out there but I snatched her up quick and brought her inside.

Wintersowing Estate Garden 2014
Sown January 21, 2014:
Borage (EG 2013)
Money Plant (Mom’s 2013)
Shallot, “Zebrune” (SSE 2012)
Peony, Pink (EG 2013)
Hyacinth, Grape (EG 2013)
Jewelweed, Yellow (Round Hill Farm woods, 2013)
Sun Poppy (EG 2013)
Elderberry (ladies from Phipps, 2013)
Snow on the Mountain (EG 2013)
Black Eyed Susan (Mom’s 2013)
Job’s Tears (EG 2013)
Rose, Red (EG, 2013)
Rose, assorted (Neighbors, 2013)
Rose, Red Bush (Mom’s, 2013)
Rose, Yellow (BH’s Neighbor, 2013)
Rose, Yellow (Park near aviary, 2013)
Rose, Red Long-Stem (BH, 2013)
Rose, assorted (GS, 2013)
Japanese Maple (Phipps, 2013)
Hemlock (by CVS, 2013)

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