Garlic for 2014

Yesterday, warm and overcast, a good day to put trowel to earth.  Bent over, gloves on to dig then off to make notes on paper, then on again until it is tiresome and gloves stay off.  Soil on feet, knees, hands, under nails.

Time passed but I did not feel it.  Made 150 holes, pit 150 cloves in their new beds, covered them over for a winter’s rest.  Carefully marked out separate beds for each variety, 14 kinds in total.

The wees awoke and excitedly assisted with planting 35 purple tulip bulbs.  in truth they probably each planted about two.  Digging a hole, is it deep enough yet?  Tucking the bulb into bed, point up so it can reach the sky one day.  Talk of spring and flowers, then off to play hopscotch and ride bikes with daddy.

Today, rainy and cooler, glad we finished our work yesterday.

Garlic Treasure Map
Garlic Treasure Map

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