On Patchworked Projects…

Finishing up some projects this week before jumping full-force into the I-must-make-tons-o-good-stuffs-for-holiday-shows-and-shops-I-am-lucky-enough-to-have-carry-said-stuffs mode.  First on the list: two pair of wee lass pants.  I cut them out of some adult knit shirts about two weeks ago when I was prepping for my last show.  I was sewing some tee shirt scarves and brought down a pair of store-bought leggings that needed mending.  After mending, I thought, hmmm, I could so make these.  And look, I did!!!



Yesterday, I finally grabbed together some of the pockets from jeans, pants and shirts I save to patch together an organizer for my sewing area.



This organizer has lived in my head since Nature Boy made thus shelves to hold my fabric.  I admit, I am not the neatest person but when I get overwhelmed with work, I always feel the need to organize first.  I am in no way completely organized, but I feel this hanging pocketed wonder has helped clear some clutter away a bit.  Also, it was a great place to practice some buttonholes, which I realize I need to execute more often, they are so much fun.

This project also reminded me of a conversation I had with a vendor beside me at the last craft show.  She also made things from upcycled fabrics.  She relayed how following another show, she saw a comment a fellow vendor made asking, why does upcycled have to be patchwork?  We laughed about it, but it is a common element in our works and I will tell you why: we don’t go out and buy endless yards of new fabric.  We deal in thrifted shirts, scraps and bits from quilters’ projects, lace from tablecloths with wine stains.  We don’t throw things away, we use it up.  While some may not find it as pleasing to the eye, I feel it has so much more charm and character, ingenuity and creativity.  A nod to the past, to  grandparents who learned to use what they had and not waste things.  To houses with old quilts on the beds, mismatched curtains on windows.  Stashes of tin foil, strings, glass bottles.  Speaking of stashes, I have a TON of shirt cuffs to figure out what to do with…if I have some epiphany, you will hear all about it. Spoiler alert:  it might just be patchy.


4 thoughts on “On Patchworked Projects…

  1. Having spent many of my most dream-full years in the 60’s, when the word “upcycling” had not yet been invented but it’s spirit was very much alive, I LOVE what you’re doing! I think it’s harder for your generation because you have so much push-back from this intense materialism that just wasn’t as strong back in the day.

    Thank you for this post that made me remember Spider’s string drawer. Spider, and his wife, Martha, were old dear friends who cared for my family like we were their own. I helped take care if them til they passed away. Learned a LOT. One day looking in his incredibly well organized workshop for something to fix a broken whatchamacallit I happened on his string drawer: so full it was hard to close and every bit in it neatly wound and tied and nestled in it’s space; the Depression, indelible and a kind of beauty, ultimately.

  2. Yes, this is it exactly! I love this especially- “I feel it has so much more charm and character, ingenuity and creativity.” Besides, it’s so much more fun to find uses for bits. I knew we were kindred spirits…. 🙂

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