A Proclamation of Doing

Yep, it has been a long time since I sewed.  The morning of my mom’s passing, I was up until 4AM finishing up some pouches for The Traveling Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron. In my woozy, delirious sleepiness, I did not take my phone upstairs, I did not hear it ring in the early morning hours.  Nature Boy got the call from my father while I was upstairs showering.  So you see, it is a thing of complicated emotions, guilt, angst, fear, unreliability, this sewing business.

I am not writing this for pity or to make myself feel bad again.  I am writing it to declare tomorrow, I will sew again.  No more excuses, no being too busy, no needing a “break.”  I am going to get back in that ring, jump on the horse and grab the brass ring.  I am going to sew for fun, sew for remembrance, sew for laughs or tears or all of it.  Sew while talking to myself, to her, singing random songs.  I don’t care how it shakes out- I WILL SEW TOMORROW.  Hell, highwater and all.  To prove it I will post a pick of the work, or the process, or me with thread and fabric vomit all over.  There, it is done.


2 thoughts on “A Proclamation of Doing

  1. Praying for your fingers to get moving and claiming bitter sweet joy for you.
    p.s. If you really get moving remember there is a spot for you in the All From Scratch Holiday show. Just say the word and you are in.

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