Job’s Tears


Came home from a camping trip to find the Job’s Tears looking all grown up!  I procured five seeds online from a woman who did not have many to spare, but she nonetheless shared.  I planted them into an empty plastic bottle and put them outside in the freezing thawing wilds of my garden.  In the spring there were five green shoots, which I transplanted into my flower bed.  They have grown so very fast!

The best part for me is you can use the seeds as natural beads as they grow with a hollow inside.  I don’t think I will get many beads this go round, but if I plant what I harvest and then harvest that crop, we may just have a necklace or two.  Also, I owe five seeds for good karma to anyone who wants to grow some too.  Let me know if want them.


2 thoughts on “Job’s Tears

  1. Hi there!

    It’s incredible that I’ve found someone across the oceans who likes these llittle seeds too. I grew up with them and they were all over our garden (my dad used to get really angry about them as they spread like wild fire…) but now they seem to have become almost extinct as people don’t grow them anymore. A colleague of mine managed to get a friend of hers who lives miles away from us to pick some from her garden for me only a few weeks back (and they are a lot smaller than those we used to play with, sad…) and I’ve used some to make a necklace which I will soon post in my blog…. Anyway, I hope you will have enough soon to make a nice necklace…

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