Playing Catch-Up…

It has really been a long time since my last post. I could offer you up all my reasons for this, but that would be a bit too personal for me, so we will just go into what I might have written about over the past couple of months.

The garden is in! I planted out my seedlings in mid-April, along with some seeds. I’ve had to cover the garden twice now to protect from frost and something is out there chomping off my tomato plants (rabbits? cutworm?) but these are so far the worst battles we’ve faced. The beans came up today; peas and lettuce and kale are growing well. In the wintersowing vs. indoor sowing battle, I will have to give the title to the indoor sowing method. While I really wanted the wintersowing method to work, it seems to be a bit unreliable and most plants are way behind in growth, sprouting just as I would be sowing them into the garden anyway. However, it did result in the sprouting of a rose from seed and the Job’s Tears also poked through the soil, two things I’m very grateful for and pleased about. I think I will wintersow some plants again next year and give it at least another try; the process is really kind of amazing and really helped me stay connected with the earth and her cycle through the winter months.

The business is good! Some recent sales on Etsy as well as some craft shows have kept me busy, that’s for sure. The third event in 2013 was this past weekend. When I first launched Brown Bird Green String in January of 2012, the first event I vended at was Earth Day in Mt. Lebanon. I learned so much there last year! I had a small square card table, my display was not very exciting and you could barely read my banner. Oh, and it snowed! This year the weather was perfect and I felt so much more relaxed and just enjoyed the day. I also met some great people and artists and reconnected with some old friends.

The gaining of strength, I need some help here. I outfitted myself with some new running gear–sneaks, shorts, a new sports bra too. I ran twice. What happened? Working late at night on my business (sewing, sewing, sewing) results in sleeping through my 5:45 AM alarm to get up and run. The weather also got cold and then I got a cold. I’m hoping to get back into the groove with it next week. It really was lovely to be out a pre-dawn, seeing the city come alive slowly. Again, if only I could function on four hours’ sleep, my days would be epic!

From here, I hope to keep up to date on my garden’s growth, my creative pursuits with BBGS and perhaps I’ll let you know how strong I’m getting, if I make any progress there. Running up hills is no joke!


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