Park, pizza, petrified?

As the sun shone on the city, we left the estate for grand urban adventuring.  The park, the big playground, lunch.  I must add a bit here, to just gloss over lunch like it were mundane would be a great injustice.  Lunch was life-altering, special, amazing. Lunch was a rare experience where both a carnivore, a herbivore and two omnivores can eat and get everything they each want.  There are maybe like five of these types of establishments (that we know of) in the city. We rotate them when eating out and are always on the lookout for more.

Today, we found a perfect place for ALL of us to eat pizza! No, better yet, for ALL of us to eat the pizza we love. I often get a “vegan” pizza when out but it’s really just dough, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Good, but not really good.  Today we found that magic place that has vegan cheese and a vegan sauce.  It was real pizza that I didn’t have to make myself at home.  I still feel like I’m floating in the sky.

So whilst looking up towards the sky on our adventuring, we saw THIS!

I can't even look at this...
I can’t even look at this…

I assume this baby face was meant to look like some loving cherub many years and years ago, but today it looks frightening.  Chilling.  Creeptacular.  Deranged.  I had a killer vegan pizza and I don’t live in this building with a creepy baby face on it, OR across the street from its cold curse of a stare.  Now that is a good day over here, folks.


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