Knit the Bridge

Some folks are content to rest. They might watch television without doing anything else.  Or take a nap.  Or just listen to music or a podcast with hands sitting still, perhaps folded in a lap.   To me that is nothing short of painful.I sit there and mentally go through all sorts of things I could be doing simultaneously. Or altogether instead of. I think of all the projects I have started and have yet to finish, or of all the things I want to make for my business, family or friends. Or of all the recipes I’ve been meaning to try since Pinterest got it’s grips on me. Seems I am a Maker.

In school, my notebooks were filled with extensive doodling. I learned to knit as an adult and would spend lunch hours, evenings and yes, sometimes traffic jams clicking the needles. Any craft I could try, I did. Weaving as a volunteer in a shop whose profits supported a local domestic violence shelter. Making necklaces and peyote stitch bead experiments. Custom buttons from polymer clay.

Boredom does not find me. If there is a huge pet peeve I have, it’s when someone says they are bored. Well, change it already! Grab some stuff and make something. Draw something. Do something.  People who say they are bored are frankly boring.

I normally have many projects going because I love being busy making. I’m not sure exactly why I like to make things so much. My maternal grandfather, who I never met because he passed on when my mom was yet a girl, made things. I have a silver bracelet he crafted, supposedly from melted silverware. He made others, as my two sisters and I each inherited one when my grandmother passed on. She left them in her jewelry box with our names on them. Her jewelry boxes, all three of them, were something! As a girl, I loved sifting through her brightly colored clip-on earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

My sisters lost their bracelets as teenagers; one of them wore both at once, put them in her small purse and went to dance in a local underage club. The purse was gone when she came back. I sometimes wonder, what happened to those bracelets? Did the person who took them keep them or just pass them on? Where did they end up, do they grace someone’s arm yet or did they end up abandoned? I only hope they are worn and loved out there.

I have enough to do, it’s true. Yet here I do again, taking on another project. I signed up to knit a panel for Knit the Bridge. How could I ever pass this up? A chance to use my hands and creative force, Artemis-style, and then have it become part of a collaborative community art project. A connection woven together in acrylic bits and pieces and leftovers, spanning a bridge here in Pittsburgh, the city I love in, live in, raise children in? Beautiful colors, patterns, as different as the people making them, all together, joined and crafting a lovelier, softer place. Reminding you of your grandmother or grandfather, your aunt, the people around you who made things, maybe not lofty things, but sweet things that made your home a home.

This is why YOU should do it too. If you live here in the ‘Burgh or surrounding areas, please check out the project and contribute. You can find the bits of time, if you make them. I would love to stand on a bridge and meet you and check out your panel and hear your story behind it.  For you are also a Maker, I am sure of it.


2 thoughts on “Knit the Bridge

  1. I love this…. I lived to craft…. But unfortunately with Fibro…. Working with small intricate and precise movements with all fingers is a rough thing. Thats why I take my camera with me where ever possible. I see it as artwork with my eyes. Keep up your wonderful work Patty!!!! SMALL BUSINESS.PROUD…. SMALL BUSINESS.POWER!!!!!

    • Your photography is beautiful Royleen and is definately art! I’ll be thinking of you when I am scaling some bridge to get a closeup shot of my panel this summer…and wishing I had a tenth of your talent with photography!

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