Off the needles…and off the hook it seems.

Finally after months and months of procrastinating focusing on  projects for my business and other folks, I finished something that’s been languishing since the fall.  This certain something was small but took some time nonetheless.  It was also something that needed to be completed soon or it would most likely not be useful.  It went on many journeys but some other project always took precedence.

my wee lass
my wee lass
hooray for sweaters!
hooray for sweaters!
sweater and wee lass surveying the estate grounds...
sweater and wee lass surveying the estate grounds…
le back...
le back…

Yep, a sweater for a certain lass who is growing like mad.  It’s of my own design/pattern, a simple top-down Raglan cardi with garter stitch accents, and I like to tell myself this is why it took some time to finish but to be honest, the pattern part was easy.   We shall Ravel it as Saffron Sweater for a Wee Lass.  Organic cotton from Lion Brand so it’s kind to the earth and no animals were harmed in the making.  Upcycled mismatched buttons because that’s how I do it.

ah, still life...
ah, still life…
raglan yo increases
raglan yo increases

In the end, I made the sleeves extra long in the hopes it could be worn for a some time, but it fits so well in the back and chest now I’m not sure it will make it.  Best cast on now for a sweater for next fall, at my rate!   Sadly there is no design in the works for Wee One.  When asked if he wanted mama to make him a jacket (this is what the Wee Lass called her sweater), he loudly proclaimed no as there were many jackets in the closet that were better.  Hence, off the hook.  At least that’s how I’m choosing to look at it right now…


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