From Freak Show to…

…NEAT show!

Remember this?

Well, now it’s this!

finally painted and dry!
finally painted and dry!
Goodbye ironing board shelving, hello space!
view from the front…


Still some work to do here.  Nature Boy has constructed a much larger bulletin board that will replace the smaller one and that area will be better organized when it is ready.  He’s also going to make me some spiffy rods on the end of the shelf to hang spools of ribbon (which are resting on a dowel rod atop a lamp on the sewing table at present…) and I might put some hooks on there too to hang all sorts of supplies.  There are also two baskets stacked up on my picnic baskets which are unruly and still need some sorting.  I ended up stacking the shelves on a piece of an old desk I had been using as part of my former organizational system so I can get to the outlets on the wall underneath.  That’s where I normally plug in my iron and sewing machine whilst working.   The table has a gate leg so I can open it up so I don’t want to push the shelves flush against it as all the storage under the table would be inaccessible.   Nature Boy has stated he might construct a bottom shelf that fits and could be painted as well in time.  All in all, though, it feels much better to me.  It’s still crazy, colorful and distracting but I hope it leads to more creativity and inspiration.  Thanks Nature Boy and Wee Folk Work Crew for all the construction and painting assistance.   Show’s over, folks!


3 thoughts on “From Freak Show to…

  1. Fantastic! And great colour choice, one of my favourite, more inspiration-inducing colours of all time. In fact, I just painted my work room that exact shade : ) Enjoy …

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