Have to admit, Valentine’s Day has grown on me.  As a child, I can recall vomiting whenever any holiday came up, probably due to anxiety, and would normally spend the late morning at the nurse’s station waiting for my mom to pick me up.  Enter the teenage years, when I was pretty much ignored and avoided by any male.  I would receive carnations from female friends with little notes.  One year, I got one with an envelope stuffed full of photos of monkeys, an inside joke from my partner-in-crime in Anthropology class.  That was at least memorable, if not the romantic gesture I pined for!  Still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Once all the teenage angst was bypassed, Valentine’s got considerably better.  A nice fun pagan holiday without a large family gathering expected.  A warm day in the midst of a cold winter.  A time to celebrate the love you found with someone special.

Some folks dislike it and say, “It’s just a Hallmark holiday.”  To that, I laugh!  This was pre-Hallmark, a celebration of Eros and Cupid and Venus.  Gods and goddesses of old who like it or not toyed with human emotion to their whims and pleasure.  Also, why go buy anything from a store?

For me, Valentine’s day is a handmade labor of love.  Here are some of the things we’ve made; hope your Valentine’s is special and fun too, no matter how you do it!

Dump truck Valentine’s with candies; Wee One loved gluing them and drawing on the exhaust pipe and “steam.”
Closeup of Mermaid cards.
Wee Too colored the mermaid tails before gluing them together.
Wow, that took a while! Honestly, it was an all-day project.
They love them!
So excited to pack them up and hand them out today!
Vegan Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cheesecake! Crust it pretzels, sugar and Earth Balance, baked about 15 minutes at 350. Next, a melted dark chocolate layer and chilled in fridge til chocolate is firm (melted about 1/2 cup vegan chips). Next, the chocolate-vanilla swirl cheesecake from Urban Vegan, baked 75 minutes at 325. Here is it cooling before chilling it in fridge at least 12 hours. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow!



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