Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary….

…how does your garden grow?

With empty milk jugs and soda pop bottles

All in a chilly row!

wintersowing 02.11.13
wintersowing 02.11.13

Beautiful day today!  Windy, warmer than it should be this time of year and mostly sunny.  Clouds moving fast, their shadows flowing gray patches across the land.  Of course, the Wees and I hiked down to the park and enjoyed the playground and a picnic.  You don’t often get this kind of day mid-February.  The playground (and the walk back home!) wore everyone out so there was a double Wee nap time.  I went to work wintersowing.

Fourteen new recycled containers, filled with soil, planted with seeds, taped closed and put outside to freeze tonight, tomorrow and beyond until spring.  Sounds crazy, right?  Maybe not!  Behold, the first sprouts were found today:

Kale sprouts, wintersown
Kale sprouts, wintersown 01.08.13, spotted 2.11.13

These little sprouts gave me such joy today.   Perhaps my efforts will be fruitful after all?  A bit of fresh green growth on the horizon, something to look forward to in the coming weeks when the snow flies anew.

My updated tally for wintersowing:

fennel, Florence (from 2012 garden)
onion, bunching
green bean, “Provider”
shallot, “Zebrune” (from SSE 2013)
viola, “Bowles’ Black” (from SSE 2013)
cucumber, “Double Yield” (from SSE 2013)
lavender, English (from SSE 2013)
kale, dwarf curled blue scotch (from SSE 2013)
fern, asparagus (trade, ST from Barbara M.)
fern, foxtail (trade, ST from Barbara M.)
poppy (from 2012 garden)
yarrow (from 2012 garden)
cockscomb (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
red celosia (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
yellow celosia (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
mini chocolate bell pepper (from 2012 garden)
cleome (from Nature Boy’s mom’s garden, maybe 2011?)
coral salvia (trade, ST from Barbara M.)
pepper, ancho (The Garden Studio on Etsy 2013)
pepper, aurora (from SSE 2013)
pepper, king of the north (from SSE 2013)
pepper, mini chocolate bell (2nd container, from 2012 garden)
okra, dwarf long pod green (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
tomato, redfield beauty (from SSE 2013)
lettuce, tennis ball (from SSE 2013)
fern, foxtail (2nd container, trade from ST, Barbara M.)
fern, asparagus (2nd container, trade from ST, Barbara M.)
cockscomb, red (2nd variety, trade, from ST, Barbara M.)
columbine, red wild  ( TGS 2013)
rose, heirloom varieties (TGS 2013)
foxglove, sutton’s apricot (TGS 2013)

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