And the beat goes on…

Up to 18, yes, 18 wintersown containers chillin’ outside in my garden. Today, Wee One, age 3 1/2, helped sow the seeds. He’s a great assistant and truly LOVES gardening. This past summer, he would take seeds from some of the flower heads, dig a bit in the bed and plant them. He taught Wee Too, age 1 1/2 and they would stand there, side by side, working on their own impromptu flower garden. Some of the seeds grew and they took absolute delight in looking at the little stems and leaves popping fresh from the soil.

DSC01162 DSC01156 DSC01157 DSC01158 DSC01159 DSC01160 DSC01161

Below is my official tally as of today:

01.01.13     Florence fennel (from 2012 garden)
bunching onion
green bean, “Provider”
01.05.13     shallot, “Zebrune” (from SSE 2013)
viola, “Bowles’ Black” (from SSE 2013)
cucumber, “Double Yield” (from SSE 2013)
01.08.13     lavender, English (from SSE 2013)
kale, dwarf curled blue scotch (from SSE 2013)
fern, asparagus (trade, ST from Barbara M.)
fern, foxtail (trade, ST from Barbara M.)
01.14.13     poppy (from 2012 garden)
yarrow (from 2012 garden)
cockscomb (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
red celosia (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
yellow celosia (trade, ST from Shannon H.)
mini chocolate bell pepper (from 2012 garden)
cleome (from Nature Boy’s mom’s garden, maybe 2011?)
coral salvia (trade, ST from Barbara M.)

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