Promoting Good Karma…

Following the holiday chaos excitement, I need to pay back some lovely folks who have helped me recently.  At a craft show in early December, a fantastic woman vending across the aisle from me gave me a big bag full of fabric to upcycle.  I pressed her and she did finally admit she could perhaps use a new wallet in exchange.  Today I made a couple of upcycled wallets; one for her and the other for my Etsy shop (you can see that one HERE.)  I have a few more kind deeds to repay yet, but this makes my karma feel a little bit cleaner.   I am sometimes so taken aback by the utter generosity and goodness of people.  I will keep these things close and revisit their memory on those days when you just can’t believe in people anymore.

Yummy chocolate, mint and cream!
Even the zippers are upcycled! One has a brown zip…
…the other has a cream zipper.


Also, a big thank you to Nature Boy, who took Wee One out for a bit whilst Wee Too napped, creating the perfect stolen sewing afternoon.   Tea, bluegrass playing and sewing machine whizzing;  bliss.


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