Went from three to six tonight!  Six wintersowing containers, that it.  I moved them to a spot in the garden by the compost pile so they would be somewhat sheltered from winds, yet get more sunlight than they were getting in the corner of the patio.  Also, all the lids are now off.  I can’t say how much fun sowing in the midst of winter is!  Available containers are the only thing keeping me back;  I don’t have a ton of available recycled containers right now, as I did not know I would be doing this and did not get to save up a hearty stockpile.  If this method works though, I’ll be ready next year!   Current list of wintersown containers:

01.01.13     Florence fennel (from 2012 garden)
bunching onion
green bean, “Provider”
01.05.13     shallot, “Zebrune” (from SSE 2013)
viola, “Bowles’ Black” (from SSE 2013)
cucumber, “Double Yield” (from SSE 2013)

2 thoughts on “Multiplying

  1. I have got to read up on winter sowing. the temps were mild here today and i wandered the garden for a little while wishing i had the energy to do something, anything. i really need to place my seed order asap!

    • Yep! It’s more about the process right now than the result, being able to “start” gardening despite the snow and ice. I’m hopeful there will be good results, but only time will tell. Good luck on your garden and so glad you are out and about, that’s fantastic!!!

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