A Start

It has begun!  The new year, and the 2013 Estate Garden, via Winter Sowing.  Only three containers to be had right now but an auspicious number for a beginning, if any.   I used a small drill courtesy of my carpenter partner to drill in drainage holes and a few ventilation holes too.  Like some photos I’ve studied, I cut the plastic containers nearly in  half, used a small paper punch for to holes to tie it shut and after planting, taped it closed.  I started some Florence fennel, bunching onions and “Provider” green beans.  As I placed the containers outside amidst 6 or 7 inches of snow, I had to laugh at myself.  Thank goodness the neighbors on either side don’t even pay much attention to me and my doings any more!  So here I go, trying out a new way to grow a garden.  Even if nothing sprouts come spring, the chance to plant something in mid-winter is quite therapeutic.  The process itself has me hooked already.

DSC02867 DSC02869DSC02870DSC02871

Leap of Faith

leap of faith

amid ice and snow

earth and seed

nature knows

old milk jug

and soda pop empties

whisper together

hushed secrets for spring



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