Warm Tofu with Spicey Garlic Sauce


I found this recipe on, where else, Pinterest.  It sounded so simple but scared me a bit;  the simmering preparation of the tofu, that is.  Brought to mind the first time I had tofu:  cold on a bed of lettuce, uncooked  and unseasoned.  It was not something I liked and that tasting set me and tofu apart for a bit.  Thank goodness someone insisted I try some grilled at a barbecue or I might still be avoiding it.

I have to tell you, this is now one of my favorites!  So easy, so warm, I can easily see myself going back to this especially if I have a cold or just need some comfort food.  I did not have any sesame seeds or oil on hand so I left them out and subbed in olive oil.  I can only imagine it getting better with the sesame flavors.  I used some of my homegrown garlic too!  Served it up with a  mixed green salad but could also see this being delicious on a bed of rice, over some noodles or even turned into a soup.  Can’t wait to keep exploring with this one!


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