More Garlic for Fall 2012!

I am so hooked on growing garlic now!  I had no idea it was so easy or so yummy to grow fresh garlic.  Thanks Barbara for introducing me (and giving me the planting/harvest dates too).

So from my previous post on this year’s harvest, I had six varieties to plant again.  So what did I go and do?  Went to the Phipps Conservatory Garlic and Tomato Fest this past weekend and collected some more!

My gardening assistant with me at Phipps…not much help with garlic, but flowers, she’s spot-on!

That’s right, I added six new varieties to my list for planting.   This list is mostly for my benefit here; seeing as how I do not have a list of the varieties I planted last year and so sadly, I am unsure of what one type is.  Hereafter, it shall be known at the Estate as “Mystery Garlic.”


  • Metechi*
  • Russian*
  • Sliver Rose*
  • Polish*
  • Music*
  • Mystery Garlic (could possibly be Symphony…)
  • Georgia Crystal
  • Leningrad
  • Spanish
  • Tochliavri
  • Inchellium Red
  • Youghiogheny Red

The last variety is almost local, having been grown in the Youghiogheny River valley for 85 years or more!  Really excited about this one.  And yes, my breath is probably going to be really, really bad….


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