Dress and Blouse, Refashioned

Some of my latest wardrobe updates; here are the before pics.

Frumptacular dress…
Preggo again????


After de-frumpification…

The dress seemed frumpy on me before; too short to be a stylin’ maxi, too long to be cute and carefree.  I also didn’t love the big broad black elastic band around under the bust;  made it look kind of cheaply made (ok, so it was cheap too).  I chopped out the band and some fabric from the midsection to shorten it, pinned top and bottom right sides together and sewed.  I found it to be a lot bigger so I took it in on the sides.  I like it best belted; the bodice now definitely requires a cami beneath as it seems to have become larger too without all the elastic pulling it in.  I kind of like it looser like this, but like it belted best.

Somewhat fitted

The blouse was purchased when I was pregnant, though not a maternity shirt.  If fit well then, but now it just looks like I am still preggo when I wear it.  I cut the bottom elastic band off, took in the sides a lot, like three times, then hemmed the bottom.  It’s much more fitted but still flowy rather than tight or clingy.


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