Vegan Brownies, Done Well!

I have tried a bazillion vegan brownie recipes in my lifetime.  Most taste, disappointingly, like chocolate cake.  Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate cake.  I just want a brownie to be chewy, fudgey and dense, maybe with a crackley top crust.  No nuts, thanks.

So I gave another recipe another go this weekend and lo and behold, it’s my new favorite!  The recipe is called Ultimate Brownies and found HERE.  Go there now, then run to your kitchen and make some.  They are scrumptious!  I am not going to lie and say there are exactly like non-vegan brownies, but they come darn close and even my non-vegan, mostly carnivorous partner liked them.  They are chewy and fudgey and crusty-crackley.  They are chocolatey and make me want to go get some vegan ice cream and make a sundae with them.

Of course, I did not make them EXACTLY as directed.  I really can’t do that, follow directions properly.  I am a tea drinker so I do not have or buy espresso powder and I opted not to add nuts.  I added mini chocolate chips and some chocolate chunks.  I opted not to use boiling water, as I did not wish for my chocolate chips and chunks to melt;  I used cold tap water in place of the boiling water.  I also did not use an electric mixer, just mixed by hand.  Oh, and my flax meal was not golden.   So in case you are as lazy as I am, this recipe has been officially tested for lazy options and comes through for you no matter.   Go ahead, bake lazy here!

I’m not so sure I will keep looking for another vegan brownie recipe.  I think I found my perfect one!  Unless you think you know of one better, then please, do share!


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