Patchy Bags

I’ve really fallen for these bags and hope to make one soon for myself!  Started with this custom bag for the sweetest little lass…well, besides my own!  Made it fully reversible; dunes/mountains on one side, Jeep on the other.  Made with some of her mother’s old Army uniform.

Evolved further to this…a fully reversible messenger bag, both sides patched together with applique in the center.

And then to this, another custom bag with leaf applique and patch on the reverse.

I really like figuring out in my head how to accomplish something like this, the technical part of sewing, sometimes.   My brain feels good after exercising in this manner;  my soul feels satisfied after bringing forth a finished product.  Does anyone else out there prefer making their own patterns instead of following another’s?  And don’t get me wrong, I follow other patterns too, just really seem to enjoy the nuts-and-bolts stuff more.


3 thoughts on “Patchy Bags

  1. Have not done the patchwork you have – but my shopping bags had the size tweaked to hold six two liter pop bottles with a bit of room left over (bit larger than a standard paper bag) and that works nice – not to heavy to carry even when filled with heavy items – my messenger bag was designed because I did not like the ones I found online – the part about building it inside out was a bit of a puzzler – nice patchwork – I have some old jeans that have some holes in them and are past patching – might do some patchwork from them on of these days –


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