Garlic Harvest

Garlic bounty, Harvest 2012, six varieties…

I finally managed to harvest my garlic; behold the bounty!  Here it is, cleaned up following a few weeks of drying.  I planted it in three locations within the Estate grounds.  Two areas yielded success; one location which I thought might serve well as it is shared space with raspberry bushes, did not!  So much for companion gardening there!

The top three winners of the best Estate garlic for 2102 are….(drum roll please)…


I have no earthly idea what kind did poorly as the popsicle stick is completely unreadable at this juncture; might be wise to come up with a better marking system.  This Sunday next is the annual Tomato-Garlic Fest at Phipps, might try to score some additional varieties for this fall.  Most of this harvest will get planted again;  two bulbs have already resulted in scrumptious garlic bread!


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