The New Girl


It’s been a bit since I ordered my new sewing machine; about time to declare what I think.  After all, who would suppose I would keep an opinion to myself?

Wee One and me trying out New Girl

The short answer:  she is wonderful!  Makes my life easier!  Helps me to like sewing even more.

A more in-depth response, as follows:

I really dig this new machine!  You might have to realize where I came from to say this though, as perception is key.  My ‘Ole Girl is a Singer.  Not an old metal vintage Singer, but a newer basic Singer 132q featherweight, Wal-Mart circa  1998 or so.  I began looking at getting a new one when I took it with me to a friend’s home to practice applique and when we threaded it, we could not stop the bobbin thread from appearing on the top, no matter how we adjusted the tension.  It was then that I first considered all the problems I had with her might not be me after all.  I basically taught myself how to sew on that machine and just thought I didn’t really know what I was doing.  Besides the obvious tension problems, there were lots of problems within the front-load bobbin case.  Many jams, too many to count.   My sewing sometimes looked sloppy, especially when using thicker fabrics and the foot pedal seemed to only have one speed, fast.  My sewing was very daring, sometimes anxiety-provoking.

The New Girl (a Brother CS6000i) was anxiety-provoking at first, due to her computerized nature.  I sat and read the manual first while Nature Boy took the Wee Ones outside to play.   I plugged it in and it beeped at me!  I managed to wind a bobbin, thread it and test it.  I was amazed at how straight I could sew, how even the stitches were.  Was THIS how it was supposed to be, all this time?  I ran outside to tell Nature Boy I tested her and she worked.  Later that night, after the Wee Ones were safely dreaming upstairs, I started sewing for real.  I first made a new banner for my business, with various cotton scraps appliqued onto…JUTE (aka a coffee bean bag)!  That’s right, I broke out the big guns, no easing this New Girl in on her first day at her new job, I threw the toughest fiber I had at her to see how she reacted, how she worked under pressure.   She was amazing, no bobbin problems or tangles, not a one!  I could also adjust the speed easily and fell in love with the buttons on the machine used to start and stop sewing; the foot pedal remains untouched.

Brown Bird Green String’s new official banner
look at those even stitches!
reversible custom appliqued bag-sand dune/mountain side
jeep side
detail closeup

I’ve sewn a few more things since then and the result has been the same. I have to say, I have always presumed simpler is better and bought into the notion you only needed a machine that sewed straight forwards and back and zigzagged.  I do admit now, I love all of the bells and whistles.  The different decorative stitches, the “needle up” button, the automatic threader.  I do however, find myself wishing a few things were different:

  • There is no memory button so if you have to shut down your machine, you need to have an excellent memory of your own or write down all your settings so you can keep sewing with the same stitch, length and width later.
  • You can’t adjust the needle position to the far right, only middle or far left.
  • It is unfortunately not solar-powered.

I would say, for the money this machine cost ($160 on Amazon, free shipping) and my experience with it so far, it’s a great buy and I am more than happy with it.  Hope you find what you are looking for too!


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