Garden babies!

Holy smokes, my garden is still alive.  I will try not to brag too much so I don’t spoil it but here are some pics of some of the good:

The Estate Garden, as seen from the back.
The Estate Garden.
Baby cuke!
Baby watermelon!! Cutest thing in the whole world.
Baby squash!!
Toddler cuke?
Pepper! Sweet yellow heirloom.

Best part of today for me was time with my newly three-year-old wee.  His sister was napping and we slipped outside together.  I was transplanting some pepper plants from under some beans and marigolds to a sunnier locale.  He got out his gardening tools and declared he wanted to plant some seeds.  I showed him some gerbera daisies that were going to seed and he planted them all!  He knows all the steps and was so proud to do it all himself.  I think he has it too, that thing I got from my dad, that I-have-to-stick-my-hands-in-some-dirt thing.  I hope it lasts, us spending time together with the earth.  It’s the one thing my dad and I can always come back to, no matter the other stuff between us.  Thanks again, earth, for these ongoing gifts!


2 thoughts on “Garden babies!

  1. Gotta teach ’em young. I’ll have a photo of my son picking and eating sugar snap peas from my garden when he was around two but it probably won’t get published for another 2 weeks.

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