Suggestions Needed!

Hello everyone out there with a sewing machine!  Sadly, I think it’s time that we plan for Ole’ Girl’s retirement and hire some new help.  That’s right, I need to upgrade and get a new machine.

Please let me know of any machines you love or feel work well.  Granted, I cannot afford a top-of-the-line model, something between $200-$300 would be in my price range.  Thanks to a friend, I have an idea of some of the features I would like but just want to hear from the sewing peeps, what brands/models would you recommend?  Anything to avoid?  Thanks everyone and I can’t wait to hear your comments.


2 thoughts on “Suggestions Needed!

  1. I am no expert on sewing machines but I did just get a new Brother machine and have been putting it through the ringer… it is a bit higher on the price bracket you mentioned, more like $400. It is a Pacesetter PS-3700. So far so good. Let me know how it goes with the shopping!

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