Earth Day in Mt. Lebanon: Review

Despite the cold (yes, 35 degrees!) temps and the threat of rain, people came!  They showed up!  They looked at my handmade wares, chatted with me and some folks even bought stuff!  I made the table fee back and then some, so I will call it a success.  Beforehand, I got some great advice from some fellow crafting artists and tried my best to apply it in my own earthy, good-for-the-earth way.  Here are some tips:

1.  Setting up beforehand in your house is a great idea.  Get your table/booth/space to look the way you like it and take a picture of it so if you need to refer to it, you can.

2.  I found people came over more if I stood next to my booth and handed out the free gifts, rather than sit in a chair behind my table.  Obvious, I guess!

3.  Give something away!  Make sure it has your brand/contact info on it.  It got people talking, had them look more at my table, and they walked away with my info.  I gave out marigold seeds in envelopes made from junk mail and old catalogs, each hand-stamped with my logo and contact information.  Completely free to make (used seeds from my garden last year!).  Instead of just a business card that is tucked in a bag or wallet and forgotten, maybe they will pull out the packet to plant the seeds and see the information again?  Or give it to someone else who might see my info?

4.  Bring pictures of your custom work (if you do make custom work).

5.  Bring lots of business cards, some scrap paper, a pen, and TAPE.  I forgot tape.  I didn’t need any but a person at the next booth did and this one seemed so obvious but neither of us had it.  They did find some though!

6.  Do bring something to work on but don’t just sit there and ignore people while you craft.  I brought something in case it was slow and it really wasn’t that slow, so I never picked it up.  If it’s something really cool to watch and would attract people, I would totally do it!  My sewing stuff, not so much!

7.  I found the smaller, less costly items sell the most, so make sure you have some things that are not too pricey.

8.  Have fun!  Talk to your neighbors, check out their tables.  Smile, laugh.   Just let it happen; it will.  You will sell stuff, even if you believe in your head you won’t.

9.  Make a banner or sign.  You can print it out from a computer, or maybe incorporate what you do into your sign, carrying your medium over into it.  You don’t have to pay for this, be creative!

Hope this is helpful to those who are new at this too, and good luck out there!  Thanks also to all the folks who encouraged me to take this leap.  It was daunting, but so worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Earth Day in Mt. Lebanon: Review

  1. It looks like awesome…but maybe chilly fun! I hope you did well and got a lot of new/return customers…I love your table and sign!

    Have a lovely day!

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