Sneak Peak!

I’ve been working on some new designs for Earth Day in Mt. Lebanon (April 28th, 10AM-2PM, Mt. Lebanon Park) and here is one of them!

Trio of Lil' Ladies
Trio of Lil' Ladies by Brown Bird Green String

I drafted the patterns for the doll and dress by hand and made a doll to celebrate the birthday of my wee lass.  Her first birthday, to be exact!  Here is her dolly:

Dolly for my Wee Lass!

I then went to work making a trio of lil’ ladies for other wee lasses to enjoy!  They have button joints on their shoulders, hand sewn hair and hand embroidered faces.   The fabric for the dresses and hair, as well as the buttons for the shoulders are all upcycled.  If they sell, I plan to represent some other skin tones too.

Closeup, ladies!
Ponytail brunette
Blonde with a bob
Back view. I also sewed my logo across their little posteriors, but they did not consent to this type of photograph being splashed across the land...

These really were so much fun to make.  Hope you are having fun making whatever you make, too!  Hey, and what is it that you think is fun to make?  I’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Sneak Peak!

    • Basically, they are little rag dolls! You can make yours however you like…maybe one day I’ll make a tutorial on how to make the dolls. I would just search the internet for doll patterns or tutorials, you are sure to find lots!!! I am thinking of making the dress pattern available for free so those who buy the dolls can make more dresses if they want, with their children perhaps, using meaningful scraps of fabric from favorite blankets, shirts, that have seen better days. Would love to see how yours turns out!

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