Mini forests…

salsa jar and applesauce jar
sensitive plant seedling(bottom) and Johnny Jump Up seedling with moss
lily of the valley (left), two mini-Sarsen stones capped with a mini-lintel stone, and a succulent of some sort (right)surrounded by common moss and Scotch-Irish moss (in back).

With spring approaching but the soil at the Estate not quite ready to be worked, I have found myself with seedlings aplenty.  Add in a landscaping project just begun and I have plants in need of new digs, and quickly.  So what does one do?

Dig in the recycling bin, get yourself some jars and make mini-forests (terrariums).  Totally free, and for an urban-dwelling forest lover, a tiny forest to look at (instead of your torn-up patio).

In other gardening news, my replacement seeds arrived from SSE (remember THIS sad tale) and more sad news followed.  The Bowles’ Black seeds I ordered are sold out.  Maybe next year.


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