Vegan Halupki


I tried out a new recipe for cabbage rolls, found at Vegan Dad.  It’s from 2008, but it was new to me, OK?  I have to say, it was quite tasty, much tastier than I thought it would turn out!  Now, I have to say I’ve never had an actual meat-stuffed cabbage roll because I really didn’t enjoy cabbage much until after I went vegan.  My mom would make them and always make “porcupine balls” for my sisters and me to eat instead.

The sauce is amazing, so very yummy.  I happen to have some leftover and I think I will marinate some tofu in it, grill it, and then serve the rest over the grilled tofu for another meal tomorrow.  Both of my Wee Ones plus my sweet carnivore partner also ate these!  Granted, my Wee One had to be bribed with a bowl of applesauce yesterday and some evening playtime outside to finish his dinner, but he did finish every bit.  Wee Lass just ate it all up, no hesitation.

I made some substitutions (of course).  I used TVP in place of tempeh as I’m not a huge tempeh fan.  I used apple cider vinegar in place of lemon juice, tarragon in place of the ground fennel, Barbeque 3000 spice (from Penzey’s) in place of the chili powder, omitted the HP sauce cause apparently it’s a UK thing and used a long grain and brown rice mixture for the rice.  If WHEN I make them again, I might add some chopped mushrooms, omit the tarragon and use some actual chili powder (got some from Penzey’s today).  It made two baking dishes worth so I will freeze the leftovers and enjoy not cooking some other day.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Halupki

  1. I’m new to cooking vegan. What is TVP? I have a friend who is vegan and will be over for dinner when I make my brother in law his meat Halupki’s this Saturday. I need to make a few for her vegan style 🙂 Thank you !

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