Recall magnet?


Oh no!!! How could this be?  A gardening setback already?

I got back into town and found a letter from Seed Savers Exchange.  Sadly, there has been a USDA recall on some seeds I ordered from them.  Of course they were the ones I was super psyched about–Job’s Tears (as evidenced by the use of all caps in that post).  Basically a flower that produces a bead you can then craft with, combining my gardening with crafting for a life cycle of fun.  Well, not this year it seems.

However, they did kindly offer to give five other seed packets as replacements so I am taking them up on this.   I started some seeds with the new moon in February and they are doing well at this point.  Even a mini chocolate bell pepper is pushing up through the soil!  I give a cheer because last spring my pepper seeds did not sprout at all.

First canned pumpkin, now flower seeds.  What am I, a recall magnet?


3 thoughts on “Recall magnet?

    • Here is word for word what they said in the letter:

      Job’s Tears (Coix lachrymal-Jobi) is a plant related to corn, and is included with corn as a species restricted from import into the United States. The quarantine is actually a safeguard to minimize the potential for pests entering the United States through the importation of corn-related plants. It is at the USDA’s request that we are contacting you in an attempt to retrieve as much of the product as possible.

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