I Made a Dress Today!

Sort of.  I used two shirts and fused them together into a dress.  Shirt A was purchased for $5 at Urban Outfitters this winter.  Mostly due to the cost and the color.  It was a bit short for me, as I prefer not to expose my tummy most days.  I wore it about two times, the first time was the “I have something new to wear!” thing and the second time was let me try this again and see if I like it any better.  I wore a button down shirt under it the first time, a tank under it the second.  I really did not love it either way.

Shirt A

Shirt B was in the pile of maternity wear that I am turning into other things.  It was not an actual maternity shirt, just a really oversized shirt I bought that would cover my baby bump.  Or later, baby mountain.

Shirt B

For some reason I thought of them together, maybe because the color was so close, and thought why not extend my too short shirt into a dress?

I cut off Shirt B under the arms, zigzag stitched the raw edge, pinned the remaining bottom right sides together with the bottom of Shirt A, and sewed.   I tried it on, it was eh.  I cut off some ruffles from the arms and sewed them to the bodice.

bodice detail

A little better, albeit slightly wonky!  Tried it on with a belt and this helped a lot.  I think I might even wear it outside of the house sometime…on a day when I’m feeling particularly brave and unstoppable.

Thanks to Julie at handmade mess (this post right HERE!)    for inspiring me to try this and then write about it.


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