How to use an imp…

I don’t know about you but there are a ton of imps hanging about the Estate!

some recent imps along with the two bottles of oils from BPAL

For those of you who are unfamiliar with BPAL, I’m talking about THESE imps.  Small vials of scented bliss.  Which happen to be vegan friendly.

Anyhow, if you order something, they send you scads of these samples.  Sometimes I use up a vial or throw it in a bag for travel;  most of them sit in my wooden jewelry box Nature Boy crafted for me.  I have to say, the scent that wafts out when I lift the lid is otherworldly, a dizzying blend of memories.  So you could just get a box and pile them in there….

…or make a sugar scrub instead.  The amount of scent in one vial pairs nicely with the amount of scrub I normally concoct.  Or you can be daring and mix some from several vials together.  While fantastic for yourself especially on dry winter legs, it also makes a nice gift.  You can use stuff you have on hand anyway, which is why I like it so much.  Feel free to mix up the oil (add some jojoba?) or use essential oils instead of imps for fragrance.


  • vegan sugar **fine grained, not turbinado which would be too rough
  • olive oil
  • BPAL imp
  • plastic jar **you don’t want to drop a glass jar in the shower!

1.  Pour sugar into the plastic jar (empty peanut butter jar or in this case a cheap onion powder jar, well cleaned.  Whatever you can dig out of your recycle bin).


2.  Add enough oil to coat/cover the sugar.

add olive oil to sugar

3.  Add imp.

4.  Shake to mix.


5.  Label and/or decorate if you desire.

Simple!  I keep some in the shower and use it on legs and feet when they need some TLC.  Since it’s sugar and not salt, it won’t hurt to use it right after you shave.  Works miracles on my “garden feet” throughout the summer too!


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