The Blues

I’ve been a bit more quiet here of late.  I will chalk it up to pulling inwards as the moon wanes, working on some things to come.  I can share with you finished handcrafts I mailed out as gifts for family members.

ruffle detail
Side Slip Cloche front

Knitted hat, pattern here on Ravelry.  This one was fun and very easy; a nice project for when my mind was turning about.

front--contact info blurred for privacy

Luggage tags, own design.  I finally tried out the “freezer paper ironed to fabric” trick with my printer and it worked! You can’t really see it here because I blurred everything to be sure privacy is respected.    I’ve also used this trick to make some very basic tags to sew into my new Etsy projects.  Here is an example:

my tag

Just realized everything here is blue!  Indicative of my mood of late, perhaps a bit.  Looking for the calm, the uplifting, the smooth seas ahead.  I will surely let you know what I find!


5 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. Well you may have the blues but you’re making some beautiful work! And cool tip about freezer paper, I’ll have to try : ) Love the cloche hat, too. I also love saying “cloche”! I’ve been a bit draggy and blue and then remembered it was February, which is always a little blue. Here’s to the slow fallow times, may they bring forth sunny moods and great inspiration! Cheers.

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