Vegan Samoa Review….

Of course I made these Vegan Samoas after finding the recipe.  They were my favorite type of Girl Scout Cookie back in the Time Before I Was Vegan.

The result?  Eh.  They were good but not as tasty as other cookies I make.  The steps from baking the cookies, then dipping the backs in melted chocolate, then waiting for them to dry, then drizzling the fronts with chocolate, then letting them dry before tasting and packing them up were arduous and resulted in quite the late night.  Granted, I didn’t start baking until 9PM, so that’s what you get.

I think I might try them again some time and when I do, I will replace the maple syrup with brown rice syrup or corn syrup.  The maple taste was not bad, but a little distracting from the coconut and chocolate for my taste.  And really, what is a cookie like this all about, if not coconut and chocolate?


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