Small “thank you”

upcyled seed catalog envelopes with stamp

Opening my Etsy shop has been exciting and challenging at once.  I am currently focusing on making some additional items to add to my shop.  However, my first sale (HOORAY!) has prompted me to make some of the little thank you package inserts I had in mind.

I made my own envelope template (just decided on the finished dimensions and made a rectangle, then made two rectangles next to it that were 1/4″ larger widthwise of half of the original rectangle widthwise so there is an overlap on the back to glue.  I then made two more rectangles at top and bottom of the original rectangle to fold over the end–the size of these flaps are more preference based.  I then clipped these at an angle so the folding was a little neater-looking).  You could also search and find templates on the internet to print, or even unfold an envelope in the size you prefer and use that as your template.

my envelope template

Once my template was complete, I took a seed catalog, traced the template and cut them out.  I folded and glued them and let then dry.  I stamped them with my business stamp.  When the ink was dry, I put some marigold seeds I saved from my garden inside, wrote “marigold” on the top flap, and sealed it shut.   Not much monetary value, this small gift, but hopefully it will convey a heart-felt and eco-friendly thanks to the person receiving it.

Do you make little thank yous for your customers?  I’d love to hear either way and your experiences with doing or not doing it.

front, back closed and back open views

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