A Handcrafted Business

finished business card

I just made some of my very first business cards for my soon-to-be Etsy shop.

In keeping with the earth-friendly nature of my handcrafts I decided to design a rubber stamp and make my own cards.  I went to none other than Office Depot for the stamp and the process was very easy.  Not to mention I ordered my stamp on a Monday night and found it on the Estate doorstep on Friday morn!  So for less than the cost of having about 250 business cards printed on eco-friendly paper, I ordered a rubber stamp and bought some ink.

So what am I stamping on, you ask?  Why, empty boxes (such as the Saltines and pasta boxes used here) that are going into the recycle bin anyways.  Traced a business card as a template and cut them to size.


Backs are vivid and kind of funny (love the nutritional data!).


Then stamp!

inked and drying

To finish, I’m threading a small piece of green thread near the bird’s beak on each card.  Until I need lots of cards that is…

This way I can make cards as I need them, which cuts down on waste as well.   Perfect for a business selling upcycled handcrafts.


11 thoughts on “A Handcrafted Business

  1. Oh so lovely! We are indeed birds of a feather (pun intended!) as I was, I swear, planning to make business cards out of old food boxes! Now I’m doubly inspired : ) Reeeeally love the green string, charming and memorable, totally makes it a keeper. Cheers!

  2. oh so briliant! and crafty! and upcycled! what a great idea – and i may have to “borrow” – as i look upon my shelf full of empty boxes in my paper mache stash! great blog! stacy@oliveloafdesign

  3. LOVE your cards! I do upcycled as well… we ordered a rubber stamp from an etsy shop (myrubberstamp). I love your idea to use the boxes! I insert tags into my bags and coffee cup warmers (and other stuff)… I just use my stamp on scraps and clean rags… LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your design!

    • What brilliant ideas! I love you ordered from an etsy shop, I will have to do that for any future stamp needs. Do you use regular ink for your stamps on fabric? Do you heat set it with an iron or just go as is? That’s a great idea too and also very upcycled and earth-friendly. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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