Holidays, revisited…

gray & orange
button closeup
blue print & dots
strap closeup

I sewed up four purses, two for holiday gifts and two for my soon-to-be Etsy shop.  I made two of each style.

cellphone case trio

I also sewed up five cell phone cases.  I gave two as gifts.  All of these are made from…former shirts!  Except the brown corduroy, this was leftover from my Wee One’s first Halloween costume (HERE and HERE).  One I gave to Nature Boy; it was the front logo on an Outer Banks Brewing Station tee that was ruined in a vomiting incident at Pittsburgh Irish Fest.  You might think (and several years ago this may have been true) he had more Guinness he could handle; but no, our dear Wee One fell ill and while daddy was carrying him, well you know….I don’t have a pic of it at present.

The other one I don’t have a pic of was gifted to my mother.  It was made from a shirt she took to a tailor to try to have it fitted but the fabric tore.  I’ve made a few silly gifts all year from it.  A wallet clutch, a sleeping mask, a scarf/belt.  I still have some of it left too.

What did my mother say about it?  “I can put my hospitalization (she means medical insurance) cards in it!”  Hmm, maybe I should market these to the AARP crowd?


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