They’re here!

The seeds from SSE came today in the post.  They arrived faster than I thought they would.  Here are my choices:

  • Blue Jade Corn: can be grown in containers!
  • Turkey Craw Beans: edible pod beans or can dry
  • Mini Chocolate Bell Peppers: taste like chocolate…ok that’s a lie, but how cute do they sound?
  • Trophy Tomatoes: organic, need to try some new tomatoes as the heirloom from my dad isn’t doing well here
  • Small Shining Watermelon: no one else in the house likes watermelon, so I went for a small variety (this one happens to be a good choice for northern gardens).
  • Sweet Mace: little orange flowers plus tarragon-like taste?  Perfect!
  • Wormwood: Absinthe, anyone?  Kidding, good companion plant to ward off certain insects.
  • Bunny Tails:  for the kids…ok for me too!  Drought resistant sounds good to me!
  • Job’s Tears: PERFECT BEADS FROM NATURE!!!  What else should a crafty gal grow?
  • Sensitive Plant: Closes up when touched.  For the kids….yeah, no, they’re for me…

So looking forward to this gardening season.  Even if the squirrels eat of the corn ears and the chipmunks steal the cherry tomatoes and the cucumber plant only yields one cuke, it’s still fun to try.  Wish me luck!


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