Fresh start!

I love the new year.  A chance to start anew.  Clean slate.    Rebirth.  No I’m not pregnant again!

The estate is back in order, the holiday trimmings all resting quietly hidden until next year.  My mind is brimming with thoughts, ideas and hopes.

Part of these thoughts, ideas and hopes involve the garden.  I placed an order this week with SSE for some seeds and can’t wait until they arrive.  I tried to select some varieties that were unusual as they are pricier than buying some organic seeds from the big home stores or worse, a particular Mart.  I like using heirloom varieties that are not hybrids.  Something my grandparents or their parents may have grown.  Once the seeds get here, I will be dreaming up a garden plot for spring planting and will be consulting the moon charts for dates to start sowing seeds indoors.

If anyone is interested in a seed exchange, leave me a message here.  I can list what I have collected from last year.  I promise you, they are nothing exotic, but if I could give you seeds I probably wouldn’t use and you could grow some green sunshine for yourself, it would make me happy.  Most of them are flower seeds but I did save some veggie and herb seeds too.  If you have no seeds to share with me, no matter, I will send you some.  I just ask that you save some and share them with someone the following year.  A neighbor, some friends, a stranger.  Just don’t put on a Smurf hat and pass out any strange seeds to local grannies, ok?


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