Yep, they’re vegan…

The holiday cookies are DONE!!!  Not so much for Wee Lass’ stocking, but we are still giving it our best in hopes it will be hanging fireside in time for Santa’s big appearance.

Besides the regular fare (sugar cookies from Urban Vegan and gluten-free choco chippers from Veganomicom), I veganized an old friend.  I used the basic recipe on the Hershey’s site, but replaced the one egg with 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce, the milk with soymilk, used vegan sugar and used MEGA CHUNKS by Enjoy Life in place of the kisses.   They stood in for the kisses smashingly!

The bad news?  Recipe only made four dozen.

shazam! veganized...

The good news?  Still have over half a bag of mega chunks left.  Which means maybe I will make them again.  Probably not for a while though.  I think I’m allergic to our oven right now…


6 thoughts on “Yep, they’re vegan…

    • Thanks! Your cookies look great too but like I said, I’m allergic to my oven now (at least that’s what I’m telling the family) so they will have to wait til January to try. I’ll let you know when I give them a go. Merry baking to you!

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