Baby books

When we were expecting our Wee Lass, we ordered the same baby book we purchased for Wee One so they would have the same types of information recorded.

We received an email first saying it was on backorder.  About a month after she was born we received another email telling us the baby book was no longer available/discontinued.  We began looking for another.

Needless to say, Wee Lass is now almost eight months old!  I’ve been writing milestones on our calendar and storing bits of papers in a folder for “the day we get a baby book.”  No longer!

Good reads!

I purchased two blank artists’ sketch books from the local crafty store.  I stamped and embossed their names on the spine.  Now I have tons of acid-free space to write, doodle, paste photos, ticket stubs, footprints, birth announcements, their artwork in whatever sequence, format and medium I so choose.   If I run out of space (goddess help them!!!) I can get another blank sketch book for volume two.  Instead of baby books, they have life books.  Hooray for life!


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