The giving of thanks 2011…

Three pies

First pumpkin; out of oven at 4PM, garbage can after 5PM...

Correction:  one recall of canned pumkin, two pies.

Second vegan pumpkin with non-recalled pumpkin
Vegan chocolate with vegan peanut butter caramel and vegan chocolate sauce
leftovers! You can see the peanut butter caramel and chocolate sauce layers here...

Besides pie, I made some fried seitan, a vegan green bean casserole and a vegan “cheese” ball.  Kay provided me with some corn, mashed potatoes and rolls that were vegan.  All in all, a feast.  Special thanks to Nature Boy who jumped upon his white horse and searched the kingdom far and wide for some non-toxic and utterly edible canned pumpkin, saving the day.

I will also say this; as one who does not always think having a card scanned at the grocery store, tracking all my habits, vices, patterns and norms is a wonderful thing, it was really something good to have gotten a phone call telling me the pumpkin I bought there was not a good idea to eat.  Albeit, it would have been easier to hear had I not just finished baking the entire pie.  It still beats food poisoning, right?


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