Tough times…

This is a tough time because I’m not able to talk about or show pictures of some of my fine handcrafted articles.  The reason?  Holidays.  Secret crafting.  Stealth knitting.  Undercover sewing.  Hidden basket weaving.

Ok, so there might not be any basket weaving.  There also may not be very many finished fine handcrafted articles to share.  For the record, the only one surprise-in-progress may not be going as planned, either.  It really may not be.

What IS going ok is this:  there is some fibre on a truck somewhere tonight, speeding on the highway headed directly towards the estate.  I will tell you it involves a certain holiday tradition for Little Lass.

Yes, it is for her stocking.  Its progress may be the only thing I can share until after Yule as Wee Lass does not yet know how to type and can’t at this moment look this information up.  She very well may start snooping about the house, as crawling is looking utterly possible at any given moment now.

I will take photos of that one, you can be sure!

I leave you with a  small roundup of occurences which made me happy this weekend:

  • Wee one’s missing shoe was found! In the bottom “pocket” of his pink toy baby stroller.  His Ernie puppet was in the seat area, partially obscuring the pocket and shoe.  Seriously, we tore the house up for two days looking for it!
  • Went through Wee One’s baby clothes to give to someone who could use them and reorganized the closet.
  • Made a kick-ass yummy vegan pineapple upside-down cake.
  • Light Up Night-ed it!
  • Enjoyed some warm weather and fresh air.

Hoping your weekend was of the happy sort too.


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