What do you eat?

Lots of folks, upon learning I am vegan, ask what I eat.  C’mon, I’ll show ya… a few things I made over the weekend:

Udon noodles, miso, kale and leeks

On Saturday, after Handmade Arcade-ing it up, I made a Noodle Bowl.  In part to find another use for the kale in el fridgo other than Kale Chips (ala Reilly) which are delicious but do not in themselves make a meal.  Thanks Veganomicon again for your help here.  I used their recipe but used leeks from the garden (they are still out there and still not frozen, wheeeee!) instead of red onion.  I also fried some tofu up on Sunday to add on top for some protein.  Reminds me of a certain noodle bowl from a fave restaurant of days passed…hopefully we will get back there soon.  It made lots, was hot and yummy and fast to cook and will be made again.

Sunday was all about baking.   In the morning I made some bread, supposedly rye but I used whole wheat flour instead of rye flour.  So it’s more like wheat with caraway seeds.

Rye bread

In the evening, whilst listening to An American Sampler, Thistle and Shamrock and Bluegrass courtesy of 91.3 WYEP, I made the wheat-free choco chippers from where else, Veganomicon.  The recipe is here.  I make them all the time and I grind up rolled oats in my food processor to make the oat flour.  This is the only recipe I use oat flour for so I’m not about to buy it already processed.  If you do make them, I find 3 cups of oats will give you the amount of oat flour the recipe calls for.  And just so you know, some non vegan folk (aka carnivores and omnivores) have even requested this recipe…

are you drooling looking at this, cause I am...

So…I eat yummy food.  Hope you do too!


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